Into The Void.




Bonobo – ‘Cirrus’ from Ninja Tune.

<3 Damad 


Four Seasons of Violins.

Melted minds from the 60’s.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – La Mort à Ceux Qui Ne Donnent Rien  – 2012 End of the World Ost  (footage from Georges Méliès, 1902 – 1903 and Kenneth Anger)

Om – Advaitic Songs

Acrid – Slow Death

Pink Floyd – Wish you where here.

ManLiftingBanner – Bow for the bucks

Black Sabbath 11-11-11 Announcement

Ash Ra Tempel + Cosmos (Carl Sagan)


New work by Andy Gilmore was added at The Ghostly Store.

Big mouth strikes again!


Casino Gardens – Soda Cans by Behind the Walk-in.

Hawkwind – BBC4 Documentary.

Iron Fist

Original “reel-to-reel” demo recordings 1974–1976.

I didn’t know about that but it is very sad to know that Trish Keenan passed away.

Michael Cina for Ghostly International via butdoesitfloat