Just one frame from The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda by the master : Ira Cohen.

Missoni’s new ad campaign is a short film by the master Kenneth Anger!

Think by yourself / Pense por si mesmo (via submedia.tv)

And them…

Directed by Special Problems and commissioned by Warp Films : Flying Lotus – Mmm Hmm (via warp).

Aqua Nebula Oscillator “Beware” (trailer Marco Laguna film) from shazzula on Vimeo.

This is an amazing experiment by Ross Ching, the result is completely wonderful!

Blackbird Raum is an amazing Anarcho Punk band that play a kind of Gypsy Punk Folk.

From the 80’s the classic Powell Peralta video, Public Domain – Music by McRad, Weekness

Thrash Humpers is the new movie by Harmony Korine, the director from Gummo (here is the entire movie via streaming).

Television is a drug. from Beth Fulton on Vimeo.

(via @pedrogravena)

The Soft MachineOut Bloody Rageous

The classic hardcore from the RastasBad Brains. There’s a documentary being produced and you can help. They currently seeking submissions: any and all Bad Brains related material (film/video, photo, audio, flyers, etc.) can be sent at: badbrainsmovie@gmail.com

Silver Apples, the electronic music from 1969.

30 years without Ian Curtis and Joy Division.

Amazing work from London based studio John Nolan Films. Animatronic showreel.

The trailer is here.

Gil Scott-Heron the great poet of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. See his recent work here.

Al Jarnow, painter, filmmaker, software developer, exhibit designer, educator and tinkerer.

PIXELS is Patrick Jean‘ latest short film, shot on location in New York. Amazing!

The perfect song with the perfect movie – Holy Mountain by Sleep with Holy Mountain by Jodorowsky, probably my favorite film of all times.

Smoking Taboo” is a new trailer from upcoming album from the Cocorosie, called Grey Oceans.

Wow… Aqua Nebula Oscillator – Flying Mountain

Image From the movie Switch by Ellen Rogers already posted here.

Raining Blood

Ira Cohen, poet, photographer, filmmaker, traveller. See more here.

Maximilla Lukacs – films, photography and drawings

Switch. More from Ellen Rogers on Vimeo.