<3 Damad 

Acrid – Slow Death

ManLiftingBanner – Bow for the bucks


Ümlaut Barmy Army!

Self Rejection.

Extreme Noise Terror.


From the 80’s the classic Powell Peralta video, Public Domain – Music by McRad, Weekness

Meditation. I think this is a great article (here in English and here in Portuguese “google translate”) by Vraja Kishor/Vic DiCara das, from 108.

The classic hardcore from the RastasBad Brains. There’s a documentary being produced and you can help. They currently seeking submissions: any and all Bad Brains related material (film/video, photo, audio, flyers, etc.) can be sent at: badbrainsmovie@gmail.com

New 108 album!

 “18.61” comes from the 61st couplet of the 18th section of Bhagavad Gita.
Ishvarah sarva-bhutaanaam, hridesh-‘rjuna-tishthati
bhraamayan sarva-bhutaani, yantra-rudhaani maayayaa
Which means:
“The controller of all, Lies at the heart of the machine
And connects it’s wires, To the living being who is under it’s spell.”